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Zurdo Ramirez won in 10 rounds his bout in Texas and raises his hand to fight with the best in the division

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Mexican Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez defeated Cuban Yunieskis Gonzalez by knockout in the main event of the boxing event held at AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA broadcast by DAZN on December 18. The fight was carried out in the light heavyweights.

Zurdo Ramirez vs Yunieski Gonzalez

Zurdo Ramirez entered the fight being ranked number 2 by the WBO and number 4 by the WBA, presenting a magnificent professional record of 42-0 with 28 victories by way of knockout, with only 30 years of age. On his side, Gonzalez came in as ranked number 5 in the division by the WBA, with a professional record of 21-3 with 17 victories by way of knockout. Zurdo Ramirez arrived as the wide favorite in this fight.

The first round of the fight was surprising, because despite being even, Gonzalez managed to land very good power shots on the Mexican’s face. However, the next 3 rounds of the fight were for Ramirez, who threw and hit a greater volume of blows, dominated the ring better and combined better with attacks to the body.

At the end of round 3, the Mexican manages to put the Cuban in poor condition, and comes out determined to knock him out in the fourth round, however, Gonzalez’s courage and dedication allow him to survive Ramirez’s great attacks, because at times it was thought that the combat was about to end.

Arrived in round 5 after the approval of the doctor giving the endorsement to the Cuban, a progressive dominance of Zurdo Ramirez over Gonzalez is observed, connecting more and more blows. Likewise, the Mexican showed an incredible jaw after assimilating a great blow to the Cuban’s head in round 7.

With more and more of the same, comes the tenth round where Zurdo Ramirez decides to accelerate and seek the knockout of his opponent. He constantly exerts pressure and combines with blows to the head and the body, until he leaves the Cuban in very bad condition and the referee chooses to stop the fight.

In general terms, it was a fight where the Mexican and great favorite dominated from start to finish, perhaps except for the first round. Zurdo Ramirez’s boxing presented much more tools, both in offense and defense, with excellent combinations of shots to the body and face, very good command of straight punches and a sensational footwork to generate angles all the time around his rival.

The Cuban presented a style that could be labeled as different from traditional Cuban boxing, as he always sought to exchange and connect power blows, mainly with overhead rights.

Zurdo Ramirez won in a resounding way, but could not hide some deficiencies in this fight, as it was evident that Yunieskis Gonzalez managed to hit him a good number of power shots. Although the Mexican showed very good defensive resources, especially with his head and foot movements, on several occasions he attacked in a disorderly manner and neglected his defense, and that was where the Cuban took advantage of the to hurt him.

Ramirez vs Gonzalez: main card facts

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Watching the last staging of the Mexican Zurdo Ramirez, what do you think is the best for his career? It is important to mention that he is currently in an excellent position in the light heavyweight rankings, and quite possibly it is a matter of time before a championship fight is announced.

In a division where fans have long afflicted that the champions do not have rivals of sufficient level, this victory by the Mexican creates an illusion that great fights can be seen, since the champions Dmitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev have already shown that they continue to deliver excellent boxing.

Do you think that even Zurdo Ramirez will become Canelo’s next rival? leave your comments, we value your opinion very much.

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