Vasyl Lomachenko vs Richard Commey

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Vasyl Lomachenko returns to the matrix this Saturday, December 11, to face Ghanaian Richard Commey in a 12-round fight for the lightweight division at Madison Square Garden, New York. Will we see a new dance from the former champion? or the surprise of the year? Here we show you our pre-fight analysis and the expected result.

Fighters files

Vasyl LomachenkoRichard Commey
5’7″ (170 cm)Height 5’8″ (173 cm)
65 1/2″ (166)Reach 71″ (180)
11 (73.3%)KO %27 (90%)

According to the comparison of the two boxers that we share here, It could be thought lightly that Commey has better statistics and an advantage due to his reach, however it cannot be ignored that the Ukrainian has an incredible record of 396 victories and a single defeat as an amateur, where he also has 2 gold medals in Olympic games, while the Ghanaian only registers 12 amateur fights. Even so, it is to respect the punch of Commey, who registers 90% of victories by way of knock out.

Although Lomachenko’s career is shorter in professional boxing, he only needed 3 fights to establish himself as champion, for which he has an enviable record of 15 championship fights, emerging victorious in 13 of them. In opposition, Commey has only 4 title fights, winning 2 of them. For this same reason, Lomachenko’s resume includes victories over high-level boxers such as Masayoshi Nakatani, Luke Campbell, Jose Pedraza and Guillermo Rigondeaux, while the best names Commey has faced are Raymundo Beltran, Teofimo Lopez and Robert Easter. Jr, coming out defeated against the last two in mention.


Vasyl Lomachenko is an extremely complete and technical boxer, who shows in each fight a spectacular footwork with which he generates ideal angles to hit his punches, and more if that were not enough, his punches have great speed. He is a fighter who has incredible reflexes, which is why he usually comes out with his face relatively clean in each of his fights.

Richard Commey is a boxer who seeks to pressure his rival from the beginning of the fights and has a good stamina to make this pressure more constant, he also makes special use of straight punches, presenting good jabs and powerful forehand crosses. The right hand is Commey’s strongest weapon, of whom it must be said that he is a good boxer but with very few tools, also showing his defensive shortcomings.


We believe it will be a match where from the start Commey tries to send Lomachenko back, gradually trying to increase his punch volume. However, considering Loma’s great defensive skills and good footwork, we assume it won’t be inconvenient to dodge and counter Commey’s power shots, so he’ll be hitting him all the time. Added to this is the fact that the Ghanaian has defensive shortcomings and that when facing a southpaw (with great boxing resources as well) he must be more orderly, technical and intelligent than normal, qualities that he has not let us see much previously.
We think Commey’s chance to win the fight is solely looking to knock Lomachenko out with big lunges that corner him, but it’s easier said than seen. Therefore, here we predict a victory for Vasyl Lomachenko, who most likely will achieve a TKO by accumulation of punches between the 4th and 8th round of the fight.

What do you think of this match, do you think Lomachenko is such a favorite? Or do you think that Commey can surprise and beat the Ukrainian former champion?

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