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Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte falls: everything indicates that the bout is dead and Fury is looking for a rival to fight in March, know the 2 rivals that sound the most

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The World Boxing Council ordered the fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte a few days ago, corresponding to the Fury’s mandatory championship defense. However, everything indicates that the negotiations were quite bad and the combat is apparently dead. Tyson Fury maintains that he wants to fight in March, and therefore he is already looking for a new rival.

who will Tyson Fury face?

As mentioned above, the desire of the WBC heavyweight champion is to find another boxer to fight in March of next year, as he and his team reported that there were ‘greedy demands’ on the part of Dillian Whyte’s team and therefore no there could be negotiation.

Tyson Fury comes from defeating Deontay Wilder by knockout last October, in a trilogy fight that for many can be labeled as the best fight of the year 2021. Prior to this fight, Fury already saw himself as the winner and spoke of wanting to face Whyte, Anthony Joshua and Dereck Chisora, in that respective order, however, their own situations and those of these fighters have made it impossible to face them in the short term.

Within the Tyson Fury team there is talk of two potential boxers to face in March, we are talking about the American Andy Ruiz and the Finn Robert Helenius. It is speculated that with Ruiz the fight would be organized in Las Vegas, while with Helenius it would be organized in Manchester.

Both Andy Ruiz and Robert Helenius represent an important challenge for Tyson Fury, as they are very good boxers who each win their last fight, and they have also stepped into the ring to face good rivals from the heavyweight division.

Both fighters create high expectations in the fans, although it is notable that Tyson Fury will be a huge favorite to beat anyone. Ruiz already gave the surprise by beating Anthony Joshua by knockout in his first fight, winning the IBF, WBO, and WBA heavyweight championships, and although in the rematch he lost comfortably, he is now trained by the best coach of the last years: Eddy Reynoso. Ruiz is a fairly fast boxer and at the hands of Reynoso shows great advances in his boxing technique, and of course the excellent strategies of his corner.

Robert Helenius may pose less danger due to his boxing conditions, however he is a professional with many boxing fights, and his experience has led him to face great boxers such as Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora.

With whom do you think the fight against Tyson Fury will take place? Do you think they will be able to negotiate to fight in March? Tell us your opinion and if you think any of these boxers have a chance to beat champion Tyson Fury.

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4 thoughts on “Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte falls: everything indicates that the bout is dead and Fury is looking for a rival to fight in March, know the 2 rivals that sound the most

    1. Joshua vs Ruiz 3 seems very unlikely for now, but it would be a good fight considering the level of this ‘renewed’ Ruiz. Fury vs Usyk would be an excellent fight, let’s hope it can happen.

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