Ilunga Makabu

Thabiso Mchunu failed in his 2nd opportunity against Ilunga Makabu, who is still one of the best at 200 lb

Congolese Ilunga Makabu retained the WBC cruiserweight world championship against South African Thabiso Mchunu on Saturday night, January 29 at the Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio, USA. This fight was the main event of the boxing event organized by Don King Promotions, which left controversy for many who saw Mchunu win. Find out here the details of the event.

Ilunga Makabu vs Thabiso Mchunu

The first round of the fight was quite slow, where the champion was the one who proposed more making use of his jab and constantly pressuring Mchunu, although with very few punches. During the second, Mchunu looks more comfortable, who appeals to his counter punches, mainly right hands, taking into account that Makabu constantly throws his jab, which is not particularly fast, and keeps his guard with his left hand constantly down.

The third and fourth rounds are a little more focused, the boxers throw more punches mainly from close range, where Makabu is the one who hits slightly more and better.

In the fifth round Ilunga Makabu continues to take the initiative and put pressure on the challenger, however, he continues to keep his left hand down and Mchunu manages to land a hard counter right hand hook.

From round 6 on, the boxers ignite in a back and forth where they both land a good volume of punches, and it could be a round for either fighter. In round 7 we return to the same as before: Makabu pressing, throwing good volume of punches and Mchunu looking at all times to counterpunch, especially with his right hand.

From round 10 onwards the tiredness of the fighters is quite noticeable, especially on the champion, which Mchunu takes advantage of by being clearly more effective in his lunges and counterpunches, with which he took this round and the number 11, so that for the last round the fight was still slightly uncertain, and therefore both boxers gave everything they had left in what was a very even round that could have gone for anyone.

The fight left Ilunga Makabu as the winner on the scorecards (115-113, 116-112 and 113-115), as he was clearly the one who dominated most of the rounds, especially the middle rounds.

In general terms it was an interesting fight, not very attractive, but with a lot to analyze. Both corners proposed their strategies which were clearly identified thanks to the performance of the boxers: Makabu took advantage of his reach and strength, constantly putting pressure on Mchunu and throwing a good volume of straight punches. For his part, the challenger appealed entirely to counterpunching, trying to make the most of his speed and the champion’s defensive weaknesses.

Makabu vs Mchunu: main card facts

Main card results
Trevor Bryan vs Jonathan Guidry
Bryan wins by split decision
Ahmed Hefny vs Dacarree Scott
Scott wins by split decision
Johnnie Langston vs Nick Kisner
Langston wins by knockout in round 5

Trevor Bryan vs Jonathan Guidry

The co-main event was a WBA heavyweight championship bout where the undefeated Trevor Bryan made his first defense effective by defeating Jonathan Guidry by split decision in a not very attractive fight.

There is no doubt that the Makabu-Mchunu bout was the one that had the spotlight on it, both because it was a championship fight and because of the talk and rumors that have been circulating about a possible Canelo Alvarez fight in the cruiserweight division.

The bout showed that African boxing is not only represented with toughness and power, but also allows itself to show good technical skills. Both Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu showed decent boxing, which is most likely far from the level of other champions in this and other weight divisions, but at least they make the sport look good for their countries.

What fight would you like to see now in the cruiserweight category? After the boxing shown by Makabu, do you think it is possible to see the Canelo vs Ilunga Makabu fight? At the moment we are still waiting for Team Canelo’s decision, as apparently his head will be more focused on 168 and 175 lbs, however, until there is nothing definite, we can not speak with total certainty.

For now, tell us your impressions of this fight and if you think Makabu will continue to reign in this division. Follow here more information about Ilunga Makabu and the cruiserweight division.

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