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Reynaldo Nuñez knocked out Carlos Arrieta in round 10 in an exciting fight

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Luis Reynaldo Nuñez defeated Carlos Arrieta by knockout in the 10th round of the fight in the main event of the entertaining boxing day organized by Showtime Boxing in Orlando, Florida, which featured several young and talented boxers with undefeated records.

Reynaldo Nuñez vs Carlos Arrieta

Nuñez and Arrieta came in with undefeated professional records to face each other in a 10-round super featherweight (130 lbs.) boxing match. This was the first time that Dominican Reynaldo Nuñez fought in this weight class, however, he had already demonstrated his boxing tools against good boxers. For his part, Puerto Rican Carlos Arrieta did not yet have a record with very striking opponents, so he came into this fight as the underdog.

Both boxers starred in an excellent fight where punches rained down from both sides. The first round, like many others, was very evenly matched and could have gone either way. In spite of this, Nuñez was significantly superior in the last rounds and until before the tenth round he was ahead in the scorecards.e latter to take the round.

In the last round of the fight the boxers have an exchange of blows where Nuñez manages to connect a very strong right hand punch in Arrieta’s face leaving him in bad conditions. The Dominican quickly notices the situation and ends the fight in a resounding way by KO.

Overall, we saw a very attractive bout between two remarkably talented boxers who are old enough to continue to climb up in their professional careers. On this occasion the favorite won, who with his virtues and mistakes was more than the Puerto Rican, whose heart and dedication inside the ring should not be forgotten.

It now remains to wait for the next decisions of both teams, where Carlos Arrieta may have to continue fighting boxers of lower-intermediate category and strengthen his skills and confidence. For his part, Luis Reynaldo Nuñez has mentioned that he wants to continue his participation at 126 lbs, where he will most likely stand out for his punching power.

Nuñez vs Arrieta: main card facts

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