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Petr Petrov vs Khariton Agrba: preview & prediction

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This Friday, December 24, will be the fight between Petr Petrov and Khariton Agrba, both Russian, which will be the main event of the boxing day organized by Dynamo Boxing Promotion in the USC Soviet Wings, Moscow, Russia.

Tale of the Tape

Petr Petrov Khariton Agrba
5' 5 1/2" (166 cm)
5' 9 1/2" (177 cm)
69 1/2" (177 cm)
69" (175 cm)

Petr Petrov and Khariton Agrba will be contesting the IBF European Super Lightweight Championship in Russia tomorrow. Petro comes in as the seasoned boxer with 50 professional fights in his history, winning his last 4 bouts by way of knockout.

Although former champion Petrov is on a roll, it is important to mention that his last rivals have been boxers of little name. In Petrov’s long career it is possible to highlight fights against other very good boxers such as Ivan Baranchyk, Terry Flanagan, Michael Perez, Dejan Zlaticanin, and several others, where unfortunately for him there were notably more defeats than victories.

For his part, Khariton Agrba arrives with an undefeated record in 6 fights as a professional, where no name rivals have yet been found, and therefore this fight will be the most important in his career. Agrba is a boxer with more than 55 amateur fights, and therefore despite his youth it is impossible to take him as an inexperienced boxer.

Agrba is coming off winning his last 2 bouts by knockout, and he hopes to continue climbing the rankings with another victory.


Starting with Petr Petrov, it should be mentioned that in general terms he is a boxer with a warrior spirit like that of very few in this sport, he likes to pressure his rivals and launch a good volume of power blows.

Khariton Agrba is a boxer who, in addition to being used to pressuring his rivals, tends to handle distances more with the use of his straight punches, and he is also a boxer who changes his guard from time to time to surprise his rival.


It seems that in this fight Petr Petrov will act as the ‘gate keeper’, that is, he will be a bridge for the name of Agrba to ring in the heads of the fans and begin to fight with the best in the division. However, the difficulty of crossing this bridge will be in the hands of Petrov, who if desired can be a real problem for the young boxer.

At Royal Boxing News we believe that Petrov will have a bit more initiative at the start of the fight (maybe the first 2 rounds) but Agrba will have no problem reducing the danger of his punch by keeping him at a distance with the use of the jab.

Once Agrba feels more confident in the ring, his dominance will be progressive and he will deliver more power shots, especially straight shots, because although Petrov has a greater reach, he has used to constantly seek the short distance, and Agrba will not want to box him in his comfort zone.

Petrov undoubtedly represents a clear danger for Agrba, as he has a strong punch like the one the latter has never faced, however, he has shown us that he has many boxing tools, which Petrov does not have, and that is why we consider that Agrba will dominate till the victory. Although in Royal Boxing News we see a resounding victory from Agrba, we do not see a very likely knockout, as Petrov has a good assimilation of punches, and we believe that Agrba will not look for many exchanges.

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