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Khariton Agrba solidly defeats Petr Petrov in 3 rounds and his name now resonates in the super lightweight division

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Khariton Agrba defeated former champion Petr Petrov by knockout in the 3rd round in the main event of the boxing day organized by Dynamo Boxing Promotion in Russia on December 24.

Petr Petrov vs Khariton Agrba

Petr Petrov had just come from winning his last four fights, all by way of knockout, and he wanted to continue this streak in search of a new championship fight. On his part, Agrba came in with an undefeated record in 6 fights, being a rising young man in the super light division and looking for the most important victory in his career so far.

It can be said that the first round was the only one that showed a certain appearance among the boxers, with exchanges of blows and initiative constantly. Even so, Agrba was the one who hit the best shots and showed a better command of the ring.

The second round was completely dominated by Khariton Agrba, who took full initiative and constantly put pressure on Petrov, closing the exits and landing blow after blow.

The third and final round was practically a replica of the second, Khariton Agrba landing every shot he wanted, combining very well shots to the body and face and leaving Petr Petrov completely annulled. In one of Agrba’s many attacks, he manages to corner Petrov and hit a powerful left hand that ends the fight.

In general terms, it was a fight where Khariton Agrba showed excellent boxing skills, making a good boxer like Petr Petrov look really bad. Agrba handled the jab very well and the speed of his blows made Petrov unable to contain them, also his footwork was very orderly and reflected a very good fighting strategy where he exerted a lot of pressure on his rival without risking his physique, since he hit his punches and left the line of attack, or when Petrov lunged he managed to counterattack with great precision.

Petrov vs Agrba: main card facts

Main card results
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Batyrgaziev wins by knockout in round 4
Maxim Vlasov vs Felix Valero
Vlasov wins by unanimous decision
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Pavlov wins by unanimous decision

After this fight, the name of Khariton Agrba remains sounding with considerable force in the super lightweight division, because not only does he have an undefeated record as a professional, but he has been demonstrating very good boxing skills, and now he spectacularly beat one of the exponents of this division: Petr Petrov. Who do you think should be Agrba’s next opponent?

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