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Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin: Preview & Prediction

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This Saturday, January 1, will be the fight between Luis Ortiz and Charles Martin, which will be the main event of the boxing day organized by Warriors Boxing and Premier Boxing Champions in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, Florida, USA.

Tale of the Tape

Luis Ortiz Charles Martin
6' 4" (193 cm)
6' 5" (196 cm)
78" (198 cm)
80" (203 cm)

It is a fight in the heavyweight category where they will face the number 6 ranked by the WBC: Cuban Luis Ortiz, and the number 2 ranked by IBF: American Charles Martin. Both fighters come from winning their last fights, and since then both have let more than a year go by without competing again.

Luis Ortiz comes to this fight being the experienced boxer, because not only is he almost 43 years old, but his professional and amateur career record more than 30 fights each. Despite the fact that ‘King Kong’ Ortiz comes from comfortably winning his last fight, against Alexander Florez, he has not been in the ring for more than 13 months.

A similar case occurs with Charles Martin, who despite arriving with a streak of 3 consecutive victories, we have to go back to February 2020 to find the last time he competed, where he beat Gerald Washington by knockout.

Luis Ortiz is a boxer who for several years has represented one of the most difficult competitions in the heavyweight division, and despite his excellent career as a professional, he has not achieved the glory of being a world champion, since the two opportunities that He had been facing Deontay Wilder, who despite losing both bouts by scoring, managed to solve by knockout, thus leaving Ortiz again on the waiting list.

In contrast, Charles Martin is a boxer who arguably does not have a notable number of fights in his history against great boxers, however, he did put on the IBF champion belt in 2016, which he lost just 3 months later against Anthony Joshua, who knocked him out forcefully in the second round.


Luis Ortiz is a boxer who is a great representative of the Cuban style despite being a heavyweight. He does not have the recognized agility of the feet of the boxers of this Country, but he does move excellently inside the ring. Ortiz is a very organized boxer, who knows how to put into action the strategies directed by his coaches, and allows him to have a very good adaptability to the different styles of his rivals.

Luis Ortiz’s jab is spectacular, as well as his left cross that is very precise and fast. However, Ortiz has let us see many more tools, both with long combinations of blows, and with short ones. He is a boxer who likes to put pressure on his rivals, but he is not too explosive.

On the other side we have Charles Martin, who for many his absence has gone completely unnoticed, as he is not a boxer of great renown within the division, even though he is a former champion.

Charles Martin is a boxer who has not shown many tools in his fights, as he usually seeks very often to hit the left crusader with power that does enough damage to his opponent. Martin doesn’t show much mobility in his legs, nor does he show many defensive tools, however he does have a great punch.


At Royal Boxing News we believe that this fight will tend to be slow and a bit boring, as neither boxer is characterized by frequently lashing out at their rivals or exerting significant pressure. Most likely, the first round will be a study where they will keep their distances and throw few punches, and as the rounds progress they will loosen their hands more and their emotions will rise.

The fact that Luis Ortiz is already 42 years old, and that both arrive after so much time of inactivity will also influence the pace of the fight, accentuating what will likely be a slow pass.

We think Luis Ortiz has a lot more boxing qualities than Charles Martin, and will have no problem keeping him at arm’s length with his jab. Martin will most likely wait for Ortiz’s attacks to try to counter, but we do not consider the ‘King Kong’ to be so distracted as to take a considerable amount of power shots. Likewise, Ortiz’s punches are fast, and we don’t think Charles Martin has enough reflexes and speed for his counterattacks to do more for the duration of the fight.

Thus, we see a victory for the Cuban, which is most likely by decision, however, there is a risk to consider, and it is the age of Luis Ortiz, as it could represent a notable loss of skills. Still, we believe that the long inactivity of Charles Martin will put the above aside.

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