Amir khan vs kell brook

Kell Brook easily dispatches Amir Khan in 6 rounds in Manchester

Kell Brook delivered an emphatic knockout to Amir Khan in the main event of the boxing day that took place at the Manchester Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, organized by Boxxer. After watching the fight, do you think it was a surprise that Brook was noticeably superior to Khan from start to finish?

Amir Khan vs kell brook

After the opening bell, Amir Khan tried to impose his style by keeping his distance using his jab and agile footwork, however, a couple of punches from Kell Brook were enough to put Khan in bad conditions, even raising the possibility of seeing a KO in the first round.

The course of the first rounds was quite repetitive, where although Khan landed a good number of punches, it was noticeable that they did not carry enough power, so Brook began to feel more and more confident and exerted more and more pressure, repeatedly taking Khan to the ropes and submitting him with heavy blows.

In the 5th round, Brook’s superiority is already noticeable, who continues to send Khan backwards and continues to connect punches with great forcefulness, and the latter practically did not respond to any of these attacks. Already in the 5th round it was foreshadowed what would be the end of the fight, which took place in round 6, where Brook came out determined to end the actions and after a large volume of punches, which had no response from Khan, the referee decided to stop the fight and give the winner to the local by TKO.

This is what it was like at the Amir Khan vs Kell Brook weigh-in ceremony (via Sky Sports).

Overall, it was somewhat disappointing to see the level of Amir Khan, as there was much speculation in the lead-up to the fight that it would be an even bout and that it would pit two former champions who were really very good boxers a few years ago against each other, so both will leave everything in the ring. However, the fight was quite one-sided, Brook looked better in all aspects and therefore, beyond being an attractive fight, no doubt the fans expected a more competitive fight.

brook vs khan: main card facts

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Natasha Jonas vs Chris Namus

Natasha Jonas defeated Uruguayan Chris Namus in a fight that was defined in only 2 rounds. Both boxers were fighting for the vacant WBO super welterweight championship, and Jonas, who had just moved up 3 weight divisions, knocked Namus out in the 2nd round, after she had beaten her with punches in the 1st round and gave her the first knockdown of the fight.

After seeing this resounding win by Kell Brook at 147 lbs, do you think he has significant value to now sound in the division rankings and continue fighting against the best? The reality is that beyond winning comfortably, his opponent did not exercise much opposition, and Brook did not look to show an excess of boxing skills, so we will be attentive to what will be his next step in professional boxing.

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