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Kazuto Ioka Retains WBO Super Flyweight Championship Comfortably Against Ryoji Fukunaga

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WBO super flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka superiorly defended the championship against Ryoji Fukunaga on December 31, ushering in the new year in style. The lawsuit took place at the General Gymnasium in Ota-City, Tokyo, Japan, in a boxing event organized by Shisei Promotions.

Kazuto Ioka vs Ryoji Fukunaga

Kazuto Ioka came in with a professional record of 27-2, with 15 victories by way of knockout, winning his last 4 bouts over important division challengers such as Francisco Rodriguez Jr and Kosei Tanaka. For him, Fukunaga came in with a 15-4 record, with 14 victories by way of knockout, winning his last 5 fights and with confidence to be the new champion, having previously also faced some good fighters.

During the first 3 rounds of the fight, emotions were on the rise, and the challenger showed very good preparation, landing a good number of blows thanks to his speed that prevented the champion from defending comfortably.

During the next three rounds, the fight continues to become even but it is now Kazuto Ioka who maintains the initiative and increases the pace of his boxing, hitting more combinations, hitting more the body and attacking with more explosiveness.

Rounds 7, 8 and 9 showed a clear dominance of the champion, who begins to hit notably more power shots and comfortably carries the rhythm of the fight, however, Fukunaga remained firm and also hit some good combinations.

In round 10 Fukunaga raises the intensity again and constantly pressures Ioka, hitting more and better combinations. The last two rounds again showed Kazuto Ioka dominating the fight and landing the best shots, where there was hardly a moment that they stopped throwing punches at each other, causing people to applaud the end of the fight.

In general terms it was a fight where Ryoji Fukunaga showed us the best of himself in the first 3 rounds, being very explosive, counterattacking very quickly and exerting pressure. From round 4 Kazuto Ioka takes much more confidence and takes control of the initiative and is the one who hits the best shots. The champion was more effective, more explosive, with more and better significant shots, and especially better physical condition.

Ioka vs Fukunaga: main card facts

Main card results
Akihiro Kondo vs Aso Ishiwaki
Kondo wins by unanimous decision
Seiya Iwamoto vs Takuya Hirose
Iwamoto wins by knock out in round 4
Go Kitani vs Hiromu Saito
Saito wins by kunanimous decision

After this successful title defense by Japanese Kazuto Ioka, what do you think is the next step to take? The reality is that this division has very good boxers, and Ryoji Fukunaga himself made it clear, so more pressure is placed on Ioka and the other champions to face each other in a unification match. It should be noted that Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez will face each other in a trilogy match in a few weeks, so we may see the next opponent of the Japanese champion Kazuto Ioka.

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