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Joseph Parker repeats the dose to Dereck Chisora and wins by unanimous decision in 12 rounds

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Joseph Parker defeats Dereck Chisora in the rematch match that took place last Saturday, December 18, in Manchester, UK. The fight was the main fight of the boxing event organized by Eddie Hearn and DAZN, where Lerrone Richards and Kevin Lele Sadjo also shone.

Joseph Parker vs Dereck Chisora

The New Zealander Joseph Parker and the British Dereck Chisora met again in the ring on December 18 in Manchester, in the same square where they met for the first time on May 1, and as if it were a flashback, the result was repeated, with Paker winning by unanimous decision.

The first round of the bout was a study and showed both boxers paient throwing few punches, but still landing a few power blows on both sides. In the second round, the fight is set on fire with Chisora trying to exert more pressure and releasing her hands more, however, Parker at all times responds to her attacks and from the second half of the round is the one who takes the initiative and connects several power blows on Chisora’s face, who at the end of the round looked hurt.

In the third round Parker manages to put Chisora in remarkably bad condition, however, the latter shows a lot of heart and manages to recover by finishing the round by landing good blows on Parker. In the fourth round Parker knocked Chisora down with a beautiful right uppercut but again the Englishman recovered and survived the round, putting the crowd on their feet.

During rounds 5 and 6 the intensity of the fight is lowered, and it could be said that Chisora takes the initiative a bit and looks better boxing, although Parker continues to land significant punches as well.

Round 7 was electrifying, as Parker knocked down Chisora again with the same right-hand uppercut, but also without any explanation Chisora not only stood up, but he was also the one who finished the round with good power shots. Round 8 looked like a replica of 7, but this time showing us a truly wounded Chisora.

Although in round 9 the referee came very close to stopping the actions as a result of Parker’s string of punches, Chisora responded and kept the fight alive. Roun 10 and 11 arrive where Parker knows that he has won the fight and simply manages the time of the fight without risking.

The last round came where both boxers took out everything they had left by giving and receiving blows and earning the applause of all the fans after a magnificent fight.

It was a fight that will undoubtedly remain in the memory of the fans, as it conveyed many emotions and very good boxing. Parker showed that he is a promise in the division and has how to compete against the champions, while Chisora was more heart than anything else, as Parker always showed more skills and especially left his right hand tattooed on his face

Parker vs Chisora 2: main card facts

Main card results
Carlos Gongora vs Lerrone Richards
Richards wins by split decision
Jack Cullen vs Kevin Lele Sadjo
Sadjo wins by knock out in round 6
Zelfa Barrett vs Bruno Tarimo
Barrett wins by unanimous decision

After this magnificent fight between Parker and Chisora, it is most likely that the former will enter the prodigious list of options to fight for the championship, while the Brit will surely have to take an important break and meditate about his future in boxing. Well, it still seems that he has the skills to stay on top, but it is not seen that he can get to get championship fights.

Beyond combat, these warriors showed us that boxing is a sport that transmits many emotions and that despite the result, they have earned the respect of all the fans, and mutual respect.

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