Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2: Preview and prediction

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This Saturday, December 18, will be the rematch fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, which will be the main event of the boxing day organized by Holden Productions and Most Valuable Promotions in the Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida, USA.

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Jake Paul Tyron Woodley
6' 1"
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These two boxers come from facing each other on August 29 of this year, that is, they did not reach 4 months since they met in a ring, where Jake Paul won by split decision. Tyron Woodley was not in Paul’s immediate plans, as this Saturday’s fight would be against Tomy Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, but due to health issues he had to leave the event.

It should be remembered that Jake Paul has 4 professional boxing fights, although all his rivals have debuted in the sport facing him, and that Tyron Woodley has been his only rival with experience in combat sports.

Thus, Woodley was not classified as a boxer until his previous fight against Paul, since his entire professional career was built as a martial artist, where he was a great representative champion of the UFC.

Jake Paul comes into combat at the age of 24, where it could be said with certainty that he is in a great stage of his career, beyond the fact that he started in the sport in 2020. In contrast, time is running out against Woodley, because at the age of 39, his decline in martial arts was quite remarkable, which in a certain way also reflected in the first fight against Paul.


Although they are two boxers with very little professional career, the most important aspects seen especially in the fight they had last August will be highlighted.

Although with few tools, Jake Paul showed he has good boxing skills and especially that he has a great corner. He knew how to handle the jab well to keep Woodley at distance, and managed to hit good straight right hands, however, boxing at close range from him looked poor, especially resorting to the clinch to avoid being whipped by his rival.

For his part, Tyron Woodley made it clear that boxing is not his sport, and that beyond having had more time to adapt, it is very difficult that at his age he manages to consolidate enough knowledge and boxing skills to qualify as a good boxer.

 In the previous fight he let us see a very open guard stance, perhaps looking to counter Paul, but never getting it clearly. Woodley did something very well and was putting pressure all the time on Paul, however his boxing resources were very poor and he never went beyond trying in a disorderly way to land some power forehand.


In royal boxing news we believe that the key to this fight will be in correcting the problems of each boxer presented in the first fight, where it is Jake Paul who has to correct fewer details and, perhaps the most important, his age will make it much easier for him to acquisition of new concepts and movements, while as previously mentioned Woodley’s age will make it very difficult for him to acquire new styles.

The fight will have a very similar course to the first one, where Tyron Woodley will try to go out and pressure Paul whenever he can, however, Paul will have no problem keeping him at arm’s length. Likewise, Jake Paul already knows the defensive shortcomings of Woodley and will enter with greater preparation and greater confidence to the exchange of blows, so it is very likely that we will see a more entertaining fight than the first.

The fact that the fight is agreed to 8 rounds may benefit Tyron Woodley more, because in this way he can risk unleashing a greater volume of power blows, which is what we consider is the only way he can win the fight, unleashing in a knockout.

So we anticipate that Paul will win this fight by decision, considering Tyron Woodley took this fight with short time as well .Let us know what do you think about this bout.

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