Israil Madrimov

Israil Madrimov defeated Michel Soro in Uzbekistan with a controversial knockout and is now undefeated in 7 pro fights

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Israil Madrimov achieved a controversialy knockout victory over Michel Soro last Friday night, in the main event of the boxing day organized by Eddie Hearn and DAZN in Uzbekistan held on December 17.

Israil Madrimov vs Michel Soro

Madrimov and Soro faced each other for the super welterweight eliminatory organized by the WBA where they were ranked in positions 2 and 1, respectively. Madrimov fought in his hometown, and unfortunately the fight ended controversially for many fans and to the annoyance of Michel Soro.

The fight started with a first round of much study by both fighters, where very few punches were thrown. The course of the fight was directed to a fight in the center of the ring, where both boxers constantly exchanged blows, however, it was Madrimov who connected more and better.

Near the seventh round, the presence of fatigue in both fighters was noticeable, causing Soro to pick up the rhythm a bit and be able to connect Madrimov more frequently, although at all times the most significant power blows came from the Uzbek born.

come the ninth round, Madrimov connects in a forceful way several forehand blows, which put Soro in very bad condition, so that he takes him to the ropes and connects very strong blows, and this is where the controversy arrives: The bell rings which indicated the end of the ninth round, but apparently the referee did not listen to it, or perhaps he did, but he was very focused on if he should stop the fight with the onslaught of the premises. Then Madrimov continues to throw blows when he notices that the referee has not ordered him to stop and the latter stops the fight by signaling a TKO, several seconds after the bell has sounded.

In general terms, it was a very attractive fight, because for the vast majority of time it took place in the middle of the ring where both boxers exchanged blows. Madrimov showed more tools than the Frenchman, and above all, great power in his right hand, which he connected whenever he wanted to Soro.

Soro did not develop a good strategy, while Madrimov showed a lot of security in his boxing, and beyond the controversy of the result, it does not seem that the course of the fight was going to end up leaning towards Soro, beyond the fact that fatigue also affected the local boxer.

Madrimov vs Soro: main card facts

Main card results
Shakhram Giyasov vs Cristian Rafael Coria
Giyasov wins by unanimous decision
Bektemir Melikuziev vs Sergei Ekimov
Melikuziev wins by unanimous decision
Hasanboy Dusmatov vs Jose Rivas
Dusmatov wins by knockout in round 5

After this elimination bout at welterweights, Madrimov is in a very good position to be considered for a championship fight. Let us remember that Jermell Charlo is the champion of this division by the WBC, the WBA and the IBF and Brian CastaƱo the champion of the WBO. The latter two are very close to announcing their rematch bout for the unification of the four belts, and now Madrimov raises his hand to be the first challenger to face who emerge victorious.

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