The gallantry of the ‘Pitbull’ was not enough: Gervonta Davis corresponds to his favoritism beating Isaac Cruz

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The WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis retained his championship last night, December 5, by defeating Mexican Isaac Cruz by unanimous decision in a 12-round fight at Staples Center, Los Angeles. Davis won by unanimous decision 116-112, 115-113 (x2).

There is no doubt that the fight was a spectacle for those who witnessed it, especially because the challenger showed a superlative level and a huge heart, competing closely with the champion. The North American entered this fight being the wide favorite where there was even talk of an early knockout, however, unlike how he imagined prior to the opening bell, the ‘Pitbull’ came out determined to take the championship to his Country, showing not only his eager to win, but also an admirable boxing.

As expected, the fight began with the Mexican taking the initiative and exerting constant pressure on the champion, making him look uncomfortable at times. As the rounds go by, Davis shows more confidence and scores points against the judges with an excellent defense and keeping Cruz at a distance with straight shots. After the sixth round the fight begins to even out a little more, and what apparently would be an injury to Davis left hand near round 9, forces him to fight with greater caution and practically disabling that hand, which he took advantage of’ Pitbull ‘Cruz to take the last rounds of the fight even though his fatigue was noticeable.

After the fight, the boxers showed great mutual respect, and it could be said that it was a night of happiness for everyone: for the champion because of his championship defense, for the spectators because the local and favorite won and for the challenger who beyond his defeat in the ring earned everyone’s respect and now he will be another important contender in this lightweight category that is hot.

Watch here the video of the highlights and the photo gallery of the fight

Fight Highlights. via Premier Boxing Champions/Youtube